Wild Thoughts

Hello World,

Well, whatever part of the world is up. I, like most people, have a 9-5 job and am normally asleep at a more respectable hour. Not today though, my mind is up and racing with wild thoughts.

I’ve really been thinking lately, about that saying… What if you could see yourself like others see you?

Without your own harsh scrutiny, self doubt, and self deprecating humor in the way all the time…

What if I could see all the awesome ways about me without peppering each and every thing with just the right amount of excessive humility and disbelief.

Oh you are an amazing writer Tre’Ana! Thanks, I wish I was this or that I flowed better or I haven’t been doing it very long.

Time to say.

Girl, shut up! You are bomb!

I’ll be honest, I used to think my words and thoughts could never be worth anything to anybody really. So I focused my entire business plan to stand behind others and write their words for them.

I went to a networking event just a little over a month ago and quickly discovered that I do not want to be writing for anyone’s stuffy, pretentious business and whatever agenda they might be pushing.

I want to write directly to people. I want to speak directly to hearts through words and not just my “safe” socially acceptable (watered down) thoughts and ideas either but so much more. So for now, here is my more.

I will probably feel like I’ll pass out pressing publish on this post, but as you’ll see, I did it.

Fought my brain’s annoying hardwiring that works against anything that could ever make me uncomfortable or nervous.. Talk about a boring, unexciting, fearful life if you listen to that thing in your head ALL the time…

So here’s step one, ramble as it may be.. Welcome to Tiny Livin’ Big!


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